According to ancient Japanese folklores, Yellowknife is the destination to go to for love-making as any child conceived under the blanket of Northern Lights will live their life with great health and prosperity. With this dated knowledge in mind, I was of course hilariously surprised that the tradition has managed to propagate across other Asian cultures, to the point where my native Aboriginal guide jokes casually in Japanese and Chinese as an effort to entertain his large number of East Asian tourists.

Only 400km south of the arctic circle, the experience of doing anything outdoors in Yellowknife brings new meaning to the word “freezincold“. In -40C weather sans wind chill, the bone-cutting gusts of winds were not at all comforting. But, it all became worthwhile when streams of green and blue hues lit up the dark skies. Dancing across the horizon, the colours slowly grew and engulfed the black canvas before me. The sky was suddenly full of life and light.