Norway is, to date, the absolute most beautiful destination I have ever travelled to. Beautiful is maybe not the best word, because the untouched landscapes of fjords and mountains bring out more than what meets the eye. It was the experience of hiking with a puppy just beginning to learn about the world, driving in the midnight sun, standing in the middle of where clouds are forming, burning fires at a traditional fiskehytte, and indulging in heart-shaped waffles made with sour cream fresh from a farm that made Norway into all kinds of wonderful.

From conversing with local families, a couple things really impressed me about the country, namely – its emphasis in gender equality, environmental consciousness, and inherent nature in fostering a deep sense of home in its way of life. I had the luxury of experiencing Norway’s phenomenal healthcare when I had to get an emergency tooth extraction, as well as their delicious whiskey-cured salmon (and in the same breathe, the worst pizza – the difference in quality and availability of food across regions was striking!). All in all, from Norway I bring back my deepest connection yet with nature, and, one happy little wisdom tooth.

Places Visited:

  • Stavanger
  • Odda
  • Bergen
  • Geiranger
  • Åndalsnes
  • Innerdalen